Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Take Five

There is so much to be thankful for each and every day. I just miss it sometimes a lot of times. I make myself busy and forget to stop and admire God and all his goodness. I miss the laughter of my children, the needs of others who are less fortunate than me, and selfishly I cause God to be sad and his smile slips away as he waits for me to turn around.

Everything around me doesn’t click. I become anxious and begin to think only of the next task to complete. I weaken instead of grow into the full purpose for which God created me. And then it happens…it’s like God throws a shoe at me and it hits me right upside the head. He reveals himself to me loud and clear and I realize I need to take a seat and listen in silence for the sweet whispers of the Holy Spirit. There is no need to pray. I don’t need to sing. I just need to sit and dwell upon the goodness of Jesus and what he has done for me. Even if it is just five minutes…it’s five minutes I wouldn’t have had with him otherwise. After a few days of silence for five with my King, an amazing thing happens…I desire crave more solemn time with him. It becomes an ache deep within to meet with my Savior. The inertia of God’s love becomes greater through these quiet moments and causes me only to resist the state of busyness and relinquish my whole being to a state of restful peace with my Abba.

Strange as it may seem, my eyes become open and I see with his eyes. My hands become his hands working through me. My ears become more aware of information he wants me to hear and heed his call of action as a result. The life and body he gave me becomes an extension of him reaching down from heaven to touch the lives of those who don’t know him and need his love. I have turned around and now see him smile in return.

Indeed, my Redeemer lives!

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